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This is the page for the christmas album by *Nysnc. It has the cover and it has my thoughts on the album and the Track Numbers and Links to my other sites.

Home for Christmas
Under My tree
I never knew the meaning of christmas
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
The Christmas Song (Chesnuts roasting on an open fire)
I guess it's christmas time
All I want is you this christmas
The First Noel
In Love on Christmas
It's Christmas
O holy night(A capella)
Love's in our hearts on christmas day
The only gift
Kiss me at Midnight

My thoughts on the Album

My thoughts on the album are: I think it is a really cool album. The songs are a great selection. They have covers of Traditional Christmas songs but they put there own style into the songs. It has a christmasy feel towards it. It is upbeat and happy and is about being with the people you love during the time of year. My favorite song of the album is Merry Christmas, happy holidays because it is so uplifting and upbeat and in the music video they make it seem like Christmas is a time for giving and sharing and being with your friends and family and helping people during this time.

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