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Hi and Welcome to Sunshine4ever98's Individual *nsync pages!!This page is about the crazy, talented,and cute JOEY FATONE JR.!!!If you like or love JOEY this is the place to be!!!You can see Pictures and his biography and links to my other individual pages and back to my main *nsync page. Have some fun!!!

Pictures coming soon!!

Joey's Bio

Full Name: Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.
Nickname: Joey
Birthday: January 28,1977
Born: Brooklyn, New York
Birthplace: Victory Memorial Hospital in New York
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida with his parents and siblings
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: Naturally Brown, now dyed bright red
Belly Button: Innie
Parents: Joe and Phyllis Fatone
Siblings:Steven and Janine (Steven is *Nsync's camera man on the tour!)
First Record ever bought: Twisted Sister
Before *Nsync: appeared in movies such as "Once upon a time in America"(1984), Matinee(1993), Guest Starred on Several episodes of Seaquest,and worked in the BeetleJuice Graveyard review in Universal Studios in Orlando where he met Chris.Joey was characters such as Wolfman and Dracula.
Reason Joey would make you sing "Ode to Joy":He can make a girl feel like something special in 3 seconds flat. Guaranteed!
Group ID: The Flirty one and the Cheerleader.
Best Buddies: the guys in *Nsync,Erik,Joel,Kristyn,Fonzy,and Kelly (old H.S.friends)
Car: Acura SLX
Collects: Superman Memorabilla
Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Singers:BoyzIIMen, Stevie Wonder,and Mariah Carey
Value Meal: Double Cheeseburger Meal or the # 5 Chicken McNugget Meal
Ride at Disneyland: Tower of Terror
Bubble Gum: Big Red
Fun Stuff: Playing Video Games, Going to parties and Clubbing!
Cartoon Character: Superman
Breakfast: Eggs and Count Chocula Cereal
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Pasta
Snack: Watchamacallit Chocolate Bars
Salad Dressing: Italian
Music: BoyzIIMen, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
Actor:Robert DeNiro
Actress: Demi Moore
Movie:Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Book: MacBeth
T.V.Show: South Park
Color:Purple and Red
Food:Anything Italian
Subject in School: Chorus
Holiday: Christmas
Animal: Black Panther
Who has been the most influencial person in Joey's life? His Dad, because he sang in a 50's group called the Orions.
Best Childhood Memory: Going to Disneyworld for the first time
Describes himself as: Happy, outgoing and Silly
Bad Habits: Biting his nails
First Job: Disney World
Joey has a 4 leaf clover that he got from a friend at the start of *NSync's European Tour
Joey is known as the group's biggest Flirt
Joey has a Superman Tatoo on his ankle
Joey was an extra in the Mickey Mouse Club that danced at the end of the show-that's how he met JC and Justin
Joey wears a size 12 shoe
Joey dislikes phonies and his feet, he thinks he has big feet, he also dislikes being kidded about his snoring
Joey has dyed his hair blond and red
Joey's first concert was a BoyzIIMen concert
South Park is a show that Joey never misses
Joey says the first thing that attracts him to a girl is her smile :)
"If you got the pool, then I have the Jello"
"Whatever you do...I do it too...I think..I just don't play hopscotch!
"No matter what I do, I go at it full tilt and can't be stopped"
"I told you, I don't stink...I smell like flowers"
"Yay,Yay,Yay...I'm gonna pee my pants"

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