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Hi and Welcome to Sunshine4ever98's Individual *nsync pages!!This page is about the beautiful, talented,and handsome JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!If you like or love Justin this is the place to be!!!You can see Pictures and his biography and links to my other individual pages and back to my main *nsync page. Have some fun!!!

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Justin's Biography

Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Nicknames: Curly(because of his hair), Bounce(because of b-ball), Mr. Smooth(because he is so stylish),Baby(because he is the youngest in the group), Shot and Curly spice.

Date of Birth: january 31st, 1981

Place of birth: Memphis, Tennessee

Time of Birth: 6:30pm

Parents: Lynn(Mom) and Paul(stepdad) and Randy(Dad) and Lisa(Stepmom)

Sibilings: 2 Brothers: Jonathan and Steven

Current residence: Orlando, Florida

Age: 18

Height: 6'2"


Eye color: blue

Shoe Size:13

Hair Color : Blond highlights with dirty blond hair.

Religion: Christian

Best Friends:

Likes: shopping, playing basketball

Dislikes: smoking, fake people and his hair because it is so curly!!

School status: graduated from high school

Hobbies: Playing basketball, watching Orlando Magic, singing and dancing

Previous Credits: Sang and acted on The New Mickey Mouse Club(MMC)

Musical influences: Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight

Disgusting habit: Burping and clearing his throught all the time.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Cereal: Apple Jacks(mine too!!)

Favorite Drink: Milk

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Word: Crunk( It means crazy)

Favorite Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt Sandra Bullock

Favorite Color: Baby Blue(of course and mine too!!)

Most Prized Possession: His beautiful voice!!!

Favorite Clothes:Tommy Hilfiger

Favorite TV Show:Friends

Extra Tidbits on Justin!!!

1. For 1 year of his high school career Justin was the president of his student council. Impressive!

2. Justin admits that he has an obsession with his shoes and tends to pack four or five pairs-though he usually wears only 1 or 2 pairs.

3.Justin's favorite cartoon character is the Road Runner because "he never, ever got caught"

4.When Justin was 13 he took a trip to the Hawaiian island of Maui with his mom and Stepdad, Lynn and Paul Harless.

5. Justin has more girl friends than guy friends, though he is super tight with Nsync buds JC, Lance,Joey and Chris. "I think I've always put myself around girls" Justin says "just so I could try and understand the female gender better."

6. Justin doesn't like looking at pictures of himself because he thinks he has bags under his eyes. As if!

7. One time Justin awakened on his January 31 birthday by a singing telegram from a person dressed in a gorilla suit.!

8. Justin can't cure his craving for anything caramel. In fact his favorite candy bar is Caramello.

9. One of Justin's Grandfather's is a preacher.

10. "Clue" is Justin's favorite book.

11. Justin has been known to talk in his sleep and revealed startling secrets...but nothing that has ever gotten him in trouble!

12. When Justin was a little boy his dad Randy Timberlake was in a bluegrass band and Justin would imitate him with his toy guitar.

13.Justin Prefers William Shakespeare's comedies to the tragic Drama's like "Romeo and Juliet" "It's the classic love story but I don't likle how it ended up" justin says of the famous love tragedy.

14. Growing up Justin used to have a white persian cat named Millie that looked just like the cat in the Fancy Feast Ads.

15. Justin's always battled with his naturally curly hair. I wanted it to be straight!"justin says, whose nicknamed Curly.

16.Matthew Broderick's 1986 flim "Ferris Bueller's day off" is Justin's favorite Comedy.

17.Justin says it is easier for him to talk of people than it is to sit down in a one on one interview."

18. When Justin was little he sang " O holy night" and "Away in a manger" in his Church's Christmas Pageant.

19. Justin has a huge crush on Singer and former tour mate Janet Jackson.

20. Justin's lifetime fantasy is to play basketball in the NBA.

****NOTE**** These extra tidbits came out of September 1999's Issue of BOP for more info on nsync buy BOP in stores now.!!!****

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