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Welcome to Sunshine4ever98's Individual Pages this page is for Nsync News! It will be updated as much as I can. Have a nice day and Stay *NSync!!!

Nsync News

This news page last updated April 17, 2002!!!!!

from People Weekly: "For Valentine's Day, Justin Timberlake made sure his girlfriend of three years, Britney Spears, felt pampered. "I gave her a whole bath assortment of cute little products," the 'N Sync heartthrob told PEOPLE in February. "Britney loves taking baths." The relationship may have been thrown out along with the bathwater. In a head-spinning series of cryptic utterances, Spears-who denied a split on March 11-has now signaled she's not a girlfriend, not yet a free agent. Announcing March 25 that she was not in an "intense" relationship, Spears then declared "I'm single, right now" during a taped faux wedding aired March 27 on a British talk show. Meanwhile, at a strip club near Des Moines, Timberlake was saying pretty much the same thing. "I said, `You can't do a private dance because of Britney,"' says Keana, a dancer at the Lumberyard, where Timberlake and his 'N Sync bandmates turned up on March 26. "He said, `No, me and Britney are broken up.' He looked hurt"-and opted for a game of pool instead. So when is a breakup really a breakup? For Spears, 20, and Timberlake, 21, the clear answer-- or lack thereof-stems from their youth, says Timberlake's mom, Lynn Harless. "They are two kids who have intense feelings for each other," she says. "Good things are intense, and bad things are the same way." Noting that "they have hit a rough spot," Harless says that differing schedules-Spears has been promoting her film Crossroads in Europe, while Timberlake has been on a tour of the U.S. with 'N Sync-have proved stressful. "They aren't normal kids who can sit down and say, `Let's talk about this."' Maybe they should try. In March Timberlake sparked rumors when he was spotted dirty dancing with a comely brunette at L.A.'s hip Club AD. For her part, Spears-who was 11 when she costarred with Timberlake on Disney's new Mickey Mouse Club-has kept busy on the Manhattan club circuit, boogying with girlfriends and sipping Evian at hot spots Lotus and Go. Returning from London March 26, she flew to Miami for weeklong beach vacation. Will the couple, who share a home in the ritzy Mulholland Estates neighborhood of Los Angeles, reconcile? Only they know for sure. Or maybe not. Says a Spears friend: "They're in love one minute, not in love the next." Harless, for one, remains optimistic. "They are just having problems right now," she says. "We just want them both to be happy."
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Joey Fatone discusses Fatherhood from E Online: " 'N Sync member Joey Fatone says that it seems like he is living his life backward. He already has a daughter and one of these days he thinks he'll get married, but only when he knows can do it right. Fatone says that having a daughter is a huge source of joy in his life. He says his daughter is always happy and he tries to spend as much time with her as he can. "I try not to miss anything now that she's getting older," he says. "Being on the road makes you grow up fast and now being a dad made me grow up even more."
Lance Bass continuing space tests in the US from MTV: "On the same day that the space shuttle Atlantis launched from Cape Canaveral, headed for the International Space Station, 'NSYNC's Lance Bass was continuing his own preparations to launch into space toward the same orbiting outpost.
Monday for the premiere of "The Sweetest Thing" in New York, Bass said he's trying to maximize his downtime during 'NSYNC's current tour to fit in additional medical tests in the U.S. before he heads to Russia yet again to see if he can qualify for a fall mission aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.
"I'm still testing to see if I can make the mission," Bass said, "and I have another week and a half of that. ... If I pass these tests, then I'll go to Russia to pass the next six tests, which are a lot easier."
Bass had previously undergone a rigorous battery of examinations in March to qualify for a seat on the Russian mission that's set to launch on October 22 and return to earth on November 1 (see " 'NSYNC's Lance Bass In Moscow For Space Tests"). At the time, the pop star went through centrifugal-force and zero-gravity tests, as well as a full physical.
"You had a different doctor for every part of your body," Bass said of the tests at the Institute for Bio-Medical Problems in Moscow, "and to make sure it all works from your eyes, nose, ears, whatever, every internal organ so I know I'm very healthy. They passed me all from those tests so now I'm doing a set of tests here in America. Once I pass that, and I hope I do, then I'm off to Russia, ... and hopefully I'll be cleared by the Russians to ... live there for six months and train to be a cosmonaut, which I'm very excited about."
Destiny Productions President David Krieff, who accompanied Bass to Moscow to film the experience for a possible television special, said that Bass' tests in the U.S. are being conducted "with guidance from Russia." "There's only a couple of other things he has to do mental agility, teamwork, physical abilities," Krieff said. "And 80 percent of the tests will be done by the time he goes to Russia. The thinking is that he'll go right into training in Moscow. We're getting ready to rock here."
Though Bass' visa to Russia has already been arranged, he'll still need the approval of the Russian space agency before he can get on the short list to be the one civilian among a team of three other cosmonauts to visit the International Space Station on the mission. If Bass makes the cut, he will be the third civilian in space. South African Mark Shuttleworth, who is currently training at Star City near Moscow, will be the second civilian to go into space, with his trek to the ISS booked for April 20.
With the testing at such an accelerated rate, Bass is anticipating having little time off between 'NSYNC's last tour date in Orlando, Florida, on April 28 and his flight to Russia. "I don't even think I'll be able to celebrate my birthday [on May 4]," he said. "I'll probably be on a plane, hopefully. But it'll be fun. It's a great gift if I get to go."
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Nsync's "No Strings Attached" Sold 2.4 Million Copies in one week.
'N Sync's debut album has gone DIAMOND! According to the Record Industry Association of America, 10 million copies of 'N Sync's self-titled debut album have been sold in the US as of January 5th, 2000.

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